5 Largest Lakes In Indonesia

5 Largest Lakes In Indonesia

Lake Toba in North Sumatra (Area: 107,216 Ha). This lake is so famous even to foreign countries. It is the largest volcanic lake in Indonesia and even Southeast Asia. Uniquely, just on the side of this lake Toba there is also volcanic known as the island of Samosir. Since ancient times, lake Toba has been known as one of the most important tourist destinations in North Sumatra. In this lake there are many types of recreation that visitors can try.


Lake Towuti in Central Sulawesi (Area: 59.840 Ha). This one lake is administratively located in the District of Towuti, East Luwu of South Sulawesi. This lake enters into the point of Taman Wisata Tuwoti which is managed by an institution called BKSDA or Natural Resources Conservation Center of South Sulawesi. This institution performs its functions under the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia.


Lake Sentani in Papua (Area: 34.375 Ha). This one lake is the largest in Papua. He is also well become the most popular tourist area there. Lake Sentani is annually the location of the implementation of various famous festivals in Papua.


Lake Poso in Central Sulawesi (Area: 34,280 Ha). The largest lake in Indonesia is further located in the province of Central Sulawesi. It is located at an altitude of 657 meters above sea level. This lake is not yet widely managed by the Regional Government. But, his beauty still amaze anyone who ever visited him.


Lake Matana in South Sulawesi (Area: 16,640 Ha). This one lake is located in Sorako Regency Luwu Utara South Sulawesi. This lake has a depth of up to 590 meters.

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