Babi Panggang Karo

Babi Panggang is a favorite food of Batak people, most of the Batak people love it both from Toba, Karo, Mandaliling, Pakpak and Simalungun. It tastes delicious and delicious let alone eaten with sambal dengam spice andaliman. It feels good. This type of cuisine is easy to find in lapo spread in the area of ​​Lake Toba.

The famous recipe is the Babi Panggang Karo (BPK) dish in the form of pork roasted in a thin piece with a distinctive sauce made from spicy stir-fry mixed with pig’s blood and mixed with ground cayenne pepper with a typical Batak spice, Andaliman.

The process of making roast pork is quite easy to make where small pork chops are watered evenly with lime juice and stirred first with lemongrass leaves and garlic mashed and soy sauce. After left for about five minutes the meat is roasted over the coals, it is advisable to use charcoal to make the scent more fragrant.

To make his sauce called gota, made of various herbs mixed with pig’s blood. Spices consisting of red onion, garlic, red chilli, andaliman, lime leaves are finely ground and salt, then pan-fried until fragrant and then added with squeezed paticala and pig’s blood, and left to mature over the waiting area. Once cooked this seasoning is ready to be served as a sauce Babi Panggang Karo.

Babi Panggang usually served with cayenne pepper that has been pulverized and added andaliman. Spicy taste is very different and very distinctive. Usually as a vegetable that can be a companion to pork dishes are roasted ground cassava leaves. Mashed Potato leaves become a favorite vegetable that often there are restaurants Batak. To make it not too difficult, pounded yam leaves mixed with chili, red onion and under white and do not forget the fruits of rimbang. Rimbang fruit is characteristic of sweet potato leaves in the Batak area.

Because if cooked it tastes much better than eaten raw. Pounded together and can add 1-2 stalks lemongrass. All the ingredients are boiled and after nearly cooked are added with coconut milk from coconut juice. Hm … increasing appetite.

Babi Panggang Karo is almost similar to the leaves of mashed sweet potatoes, banana leaves sweet potatoes coupled with small pieces of banana heart sliced, and grated coconut. How to make it is to sauté all the spices then put the main flavor of sweet potato leaves, banana heart and grated coconut by adding a little water and salt. Sauteed until completely cooked.

So hungry. For those who want to enjoy roast pork dishes can get it in many lapo in the area of ​​Lake Toba Tourism. Enjoy the delicious taste of grilled meat and spicy sambal andaliman typical batak.

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