What is andaliman? Possible many people do not recognize the spices that are very reliable cuisine typical Batak. Many typical Batak food we can find starting from Arsik Fish Mas, Naniura, Saksang, Nanitombur can not be separated from andaliman.

The shape is small round as big as pepper fruit in one stalk in large groups. In Latin this seasoning is known as zanthoxylum acanthopodium, the spice is including a kind of flowers in falily citrus. Generally used is part of the skin. In general people in Asia Tmur and South and often called szechuan pepper. In the area of ​​Toba this spice is often also called the Batavia Batik.

The spice that has the Latin name zanthoxylum acanthopodium is the kind of flowers in the citrus family. This leather-based plant is also found in many cuisines in East and South Asia. They often refer to as szechuan peper. In North Sumatra known as “Merica Batak”.

Andaliman has become a typical icon of Batak cuisine as a complementary flavor in many types of special dishes such as arsik, naniura, saksang, nanitombur. This spice gives a distinctive flavor image to the food. It feels typical to give a sensation when you enjoy a meal with spices andaliman. Create a curious please try the awesomeness of this Batak typical spice.

Let’s try it! Horas …..