Asmat Culture Festival

Asmat, Papua


Situated in the easternmost province of Papua, Asmat Tribe has been known for its capacity to make the work of carvings without any sketch. These carvings are reflected to be connected with the spirit world. The annual Asmat Cultural festival highlights the fine carvings of Asmat People, starring hundreds of engraver artists and also
traditional dancers of Asmat Native.

Additionally, the festival gathers weavers and traditional musicians. With an energetic rowing race along the Syirets River, Asmat Cultural Festival offers more than just a craft exhibition. Always packed with thousands of guests and visitors from around the world, this lively festival ensures you a good quality time especially if you’re interested in anthropology, arts, and culture.

Asmat Culture Festival
Asmat Culture Festival


Jl. Raya Kota RajaPim. Abepura, Papua
+62967 583 001
Papua Tourism Office

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