Bali Vegan Festival

Gianyar, Bali


Once again, Bali Vegan Festival welcomes Mother Nature lovers to enjoy and celebrate all things organic, macrobiotic, raw, and vegan produce. This community gathering is calling out all vegans and healthy enthusiasts to be together and share their experiences their unique and raw food lifestyle.

Celebrating its third year, Bali Vegan Festival contains assorted activities, including yoga, cooking classes, workshops, seminars, and movie screenings. Above all, this earth-loving event is committed to raise awareness of non-violent nutrition, wise decision-making, and universal love. Join in, share the joy, and spread peace between all
of the earth’s creatures in this blissful festival.

Bali Vegan Festival
Bali Vegan Festival


Paradiso Ubud
Jl. Goutama Selatan, Ubud, Gianyar,
+62857 376 140 50

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