Batak Calendar

Toba Batak people in ancient times have their own calendar. They divide a month by 30 days. They give names for each day of the month.

The first day of his name: Artia
The second day of his name: Suma
The third day his name: Anggara
The fourth day of his name: Young
The fifth day of his name: Boraspati
The sixth day of his name: Singkora
The seventh day was his name: Samisara
The eighth day of his name: Antian Ni Aek
Day of the ninth name: Suma Ni Mangadop
Day of the tenth name: Anggara Sampulu
Day of the eleventh name: Young Ni Mangadop
The twelfth day of his name: Boraspati Ni Tangkup
Day thirteenth name: Singkora Purnama
Day fourteen his name: Samisara Purasa
The fifteenth day of his name: Tula
The sixteenth day of his name: Suma Ni Holom
The seventeenth day of his name: Anggara Ni Holom
Day of the fifteenth name: Young Ni Holom
The nineteenth day of his name: Boraspati Ni Holom
Day twenty of his name: Singkora Moraturun
The twenty-first day his name is: Samisara Moraturun
The twenty-second day of his name: Antian Ni Angga
The twenty-third day of his name: Suma Ni Mate
The twenty-fourth day his name: Anggara Ni Begu
The twenty-fifth day his name: Young Ni Mate
The twenty-sixth day of his name: Boraspati Na Gok
Day twenty seven his name: Singkora Sit
Day twenty-eight his name: Samisara Buan Mate
The twenty-ninth day was his name: Hurung
Day thirty name: Ringkar

Name of the month in Batak calendar.

January Sipaha 10
February Li
March Hurung
April Sipaha 1
May Sipaha 2
June Sipaha 3
July Sipaha 4
Agustua Sipaha 5
September Sipaha 6
October Sipaha 7
December Sipaha 9

Time Sharing in 1 day (24 hours)

At 6.00 Binsar Mataniari
7.00 Pangului
8:00 am Tarbakta
9.00 pm King’s time
At 10.00 Sagang
At 11.00 Humara Hos
12.00 Hos
13.00 Guling
At 14.00 Guling Dao
At 15.00 Tolu Gala
At 16.00 Two Gala
At 17.00 Sagala
18:00 Mate
At 19.00 Samon
At 20.00 Hatiha Mangan
Hour 21.00 Hudon revealed
22:00 Sampe Modom Time
23:00 Sampe Modom Na Bagas
24.00 Tonga Borngin
At 1:00 am Haroro Ni Panangko
02.00 hours Tahuak Manuk 1
03.00 hours Tahuak Manuk 2
At 04.00 Tahuak Manuk 3
At 5:00 am Torang Ari

Mauliate …. horas😀👌

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