Bukit Indah Simarjarunjung

Bukit Indah Simarjarunjung is a tourist spot that has begun to be crowded again visited by tourists. This tourist spot is in the Simalungun area. This location is always crowded in coming by the visitors, especially on holidays and Sundays. This tourist location has an area of ​​four hectares with a location on the hill.

For you who want to explore the tourist attractions in Siantar city, Simalungun, one of the tourist sites is a beautiful hill Simarjarunjung. Bukit Indah Simarjarunjung is a high altitude location with a backdrop of Lake Toba. The scenery behind this tourist site is so beautiful with spot photographs that are instagramable.

In this location there are various facilities to enjoy the scenery. One is a flying fox that can test adrenaline visitors who are able to make visitors hysterical. But the security is guaranteed because this facility is equipped with safety equipment. You can enjoy the altitude by riding a bike laying that depends on the altitude. From above you can enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba from the top of the bike.

You can also enjoy a high swing. Children’s toys but not childish, you can enjoy this toy while looking at the beautiful Lake Toba.

In addition to the game you can also explore the photo spots in this place. Spot spots in this place more and more made by the pengelolah there. There are about 15 spots you can enjoy to create an instagramable photo. The average spot-spot images here rely on the view of the altitude. Spot photos are sunflower spot, spot of tree house, spot bird cage, spot rattan swing, spot marked I LOVE YOU. One of the photo spots that challenge adrenaline is riding an ontel bike that hovers above the rope with altitude. You can enjoy the awesome view of Lake Toba.

One spot can have two backgrounds, from one background point is Lake Toba and if it shifts then the background is the trees. To climb your tree just by paying Rp 5000 you can enjoy the view of Lake Toba from the top of the tree. If you want to be photographed by the photographer you can pay Rp 2,500 per photo.

How to Go

For tourists who are in Pulai Samosir you can leave by traveling overland to the Port of Simanindo with travel time about 30 minutes. Then from Port of Simanindo devolve by ferry to Tigaras Port within 20 minutes. From Port of Tigaras to Bukit Indah Simarjarunjung location only 10 minutes with motor vehicle. If you come from Medan then you can travel about 2.5 hours through the city of Siantar then towards the Three Races.


Enjoy the view of Lake Toba from this altitude in this place will be more enjoyable while enjoying a glass of hot coffee dang fried bananas. If you are hungry at this tourist site there is a food stall to release hunger and thirst.

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