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Festival Bekudo Bono

Festival Bekudo Bono
November 10, 2019 – November 15, 2019 all-day
Pelalawan Regency
Riau Creative Economy & Tourism Office
+62761 403 56
Festival Bekudo Bono @ Riau | Indonesia

Kampar is a long river that rushes down from the hills of Barisan. Caused by the funnel shape of the river and the convergence of two strong currents, the phenomenal Kampar River’s tidal bores, locally called Bono, emerges with a magnificent energy of 40 kilometers per hour. Discovered only a few years ago by the International Tidal River Surfing Community, the Kampar River of Riau Province draws surfers from around the world to take on
its unmerciful tidal waves.

Get ready to conquer the most phenomenal tidal bore that nature has created with your favorite surfing board. Prepare yourself to surf along the Kampar River where the waves seem to go on forever at the thrilling Bekudo Bono Festival.



Riau Creative Economy & Tourism Office
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Komplek Bandar
Serai, Riau
+62761 403 56

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