Lake Toba Fashion & Lanscape Photo Hunt 2019

LAKE TOBA Fashion & Landscape Photo Hunt 2019

Lake Toba is a new “Bali” tourist destination in Indonesia. Never ending exploring spots and objects from nature to culture. Those are reasons we inspire to share to photographers community to capture and exploring the beauty of Lake Toba

This special trip, we organize fashion and landscape photography, where participants will taking pictures of a traditional handmade fabric, Wastra (Ulos) as a main fashion object and will be introduce to many kinds of Ulos.

The photoshoot theme isi about Princess Lopian. A long lost story of a daughter of King Sisingamangaraja XII (National Hero) which barely history book tells about it.

Model : Jessica Kandau, Shalina Mahesa, Pesta Valentina + 1 Horse

3 days and 2 nights

ITENERARY (update)
by destination

🔘 Day 01 (1 Maret 2019)
01.00 Meeting point @CK Cafe&Lounge Ringroad Medan
06.00 Bukit Gajah Bobok (sunrise)
09.00 Sapo Juna
10.00 Sipiso piso
13.00 Tongging
14.00 Paropo
17.00 Coffee break @Tele
19.00 Menginap di Pangururan

🔘 Day 02 (2 Maret 2019)
06.00 Bukit Holbung (sunrise)
09.00 Bukit Janji Martahan
11.00 Sigulati
13.00 Tulas
18.00 Batu Pasa (sunset)
19.00 Menginap di Tuk Tuk

🔘 Day 03 (3 Maret 2019)
06.00 Tuk Tuk (sunrise)
09.00 Bukit Beta
14.00 Parapat
17.00 Tanjung Unta
20.00 Siantar
22.00 Medan

IDR 2.700.000
IDR 2.000.000 (local)

1. Transportation
2. Meals
3. Hotel
4. Airport pick up
5. 2 extra days for outside Medan’s participants
6. Talent’s Fee, MUA and Wardrobe
7. Horse rent
8. Crews

Not Include
1. Flight to Medan
2. Meal at the airport
3. Travel insurance

Maximum 20 participants

Registration by Whatsapp +62 81361008974
Email :


Lake Toba Fashion
Lake Toba Fashion

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