Ihan Fish Or Batak Fish

Fish Batak or Ihan Batak people often call it as an animal endemic fish in Batak are the thought to be endangered and already registered in the IUCN Red List Status (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources) with the code Ref.57073 since 1996. For the scientific name is Ihan genus Neolissochilus.

Fish Batak is originally called the genus Neolissochilus Ihan from the ancient times and it is the food of kings. Additionally ihan is made into upa-upa or offering it to God, usually in a custom event is given to a person by Hula-hula in hopes of feeding it and receives the blessing of the Almighty good health and longevity, in hopes of getting a lot of offspring, and a cheap sustenance and many treasures. In a traditional wedding ceremony, these snacks are also provided to the Boru in return feeding the tasty treats in the form of so-called by-Tudu Tudu sipanganon as a hope and a prayer received God’s blessing.

Feeding fish or dekke still continues to this day but had not used ihan anymore because its existence is more scarce in Batak. Instead now we used the type of fish that is almost similar to ihan, these fishes are dekke jurung-jurung. But in recent decades the fish has also been increasingly replaced into carp of the genus Cyprinus. Type of a goldfish as a substitute for the traditional snack is of the species Cyprinus carpio reddish yellow.

In the village of Bonan Dolok Balige districts of Toba Samosir there is a river called Sungai Sirambe Nauli, there are fish Batak they call Ihan but actually Fish Batak commonly referred to as fish of the genus Tor Jurung. By local residents of the river considered sacred but also serves as a source of water for drinking by people surrounding of it’s nature water is very clean.

What is unique in this river of life of hundreds of fish tail Batak large and small, Fish Batak or ihan is what makes the village Bonan Dolok famous and become one of the objects of tourism in Toba Samosir Balige. Visitors can feed the fish with the feeding of rice or beans. Batak fish in the river can not be taken and cooked for the forbidden.

Besides other habitat in the river Ihan Batak Binangalom in District Lumbanjulu Tobasa District. The people here have a rule if you want to catch fish from the river to keep the fish extinction because of increasingly scarce.

Fish Batak Or Ihan called Jurung fish, as well as snacks in the traditional procession by Batak, also consumed as normal food. If in Batak it’s particularly that the Batak fish as a food fish while many regional think of it as a fish sacred and believe that eating it will get sick, even tragedy that leads to death, certainly very far from the logic of common sense, but the story is mythic is indeed recognized as effective to preserve it.

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