Jogja International Heritage Week

November 18 – 19


The Jogja International Heritage Walk (JJHW) is an on-foot marching event held by the Jogja Walking Association. This event highlights plenty of messages, such as the well being of oneself, green-friendly environment, healthy tourism, and creative economy. Implemented through an array of activities, including planting a thousand trees on Karang Tengah Slope, JJHW invites everyone to participate on this marching.

Globally recognized by International Marching League, JJHW is about preserving Mother Earth. As the name suggest, the event will be set on the complex of Prambanan Temple and Imogiri Village. The march’s route varies between five, ten, and twenty kilometers. JJHW also empowers local business owners by visiting their shops in Prambanan and Imogiri area.

Jogja International Heritage Week
Jogja International Heritage Week


Jogja Walking Association
Jl. Kompleks Colombo No. 39, Yogyakarta
+62274 566 728

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