Kacang Sihobuk is a typical snack from Batak Tarutung and has become a typical souvenir for who was visiting this city. Named Kacang Sihobuk is taken from the name of Sihobuk village where the bean is produced, and the name has become a trademark known as souvenir from Tarutung, even already famous to foreign countries. Sihobuk village is a village in Tarutung Tapanuli Utara area.

Sihobuk beans are famous for their distinctive taste compared to other regional bean products. Why is that? Making this food is different from in other areas, in Sihobuk the making is done in a traditional way and other way than the others, although the material is equally made from peanuts. Sihobuk peanut production begins with the selection of peanuts sorted from the best beans, then without peeled the beans are cooked in a special way. The trick is cooked in a large cauldron filled with sand, peanuts stirred and fried with sand until cooked and crisp. After all the time cooked in medium heat, the beans will mature evenly and then the peanuts are lifted from a large cauldron to be cooled and then packed. The well-known packaging of Sihobuk is a red-and-white package, and is labeled the name of Sihobuk Bean. The crisp and savory taste is characteristic of this bean.

For those of you who are traveling or traveling on Lake Toba, especially when in the city of Tarutung do not forget to buy it either for souvenirs or to be enjoyed on the way. The journey will be fun accompanied by the delicious taste of peanuts from this Sihobuk.

But if you visit Samosir, you will see the many stalls selling Sihobuk beans along the journey to Lake Toba, ranging from Pematang Siantar, Sibolga and Tarutung, many traders plowing this typical North Sumatran beans. Because it tastes good and tasty sales of this bean is so much developed.

So do not forget to buy and taste this typical batak food, if asked the taste and crisp the heck, Sihobuk Peanuts are second to none. In contrast to beans sold elsewhere the beans have different flavors and are more tasty. Beditulah it feels like a sobobuk bean souvenirs typical of Toba.