Karapan Sapi Grand Final

Madura, East Java


The island of Madura holds Karapan Sapi, translated as Water Buffalo Racing, as one of their most iconic attractions. Annually, local water buffaloes are attached to wooden skids and they race hroughout a 130-meter course, similar to a chariot race.

Heed the peak of this exceptional event in its full glory at the Karapan Sapi Grand Final. There will also be Gamelan musical performance, culinary wonders, and dance shows. This remarkable race is a full on package you need to see at least once in your life.

Karapan Sapi Grand Final
Karapan Sapi Grand Final


East Java Tourism Office
Jl. Wisata Mananggal, Surabaya,
East Java
+62318 531 815

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