Kota Lama Festival (Senthiling Night Market)

Semarang, Central Java

Semarang’s Kota Lama (Old Town) is fully adorned by Dutch colonial-era architecture. As the Mayor of Semarang revitalized the area, Semarang Old Town of Semarang is remarkably improved, now packed with enjoyable activities and events.
Senthiling Night Market, or known as Kota Lama Festival, gives you music collaborations, culinary exhibitions, to photography exhibit. With its floating stage, the festival offers assorted entertainments that transform annually. This is the place to get to know Semarang, as this festival will surely give you a glimpse of the culture.

Kota Lama Festival (Senthiling Night Market)
Kota Lama Festival (Senthiling Night Market)


Central Java Culture & Tourism Office
Jl. Pemuda No. 136, Semarang,
Central Java
+62243 546 001

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