Lake Toba Festival

Medan, North Sumatra

Created over the course of centuries by a massive volcano blast, Lake Toba is known as the largest volcanic lake on earth and one of natural wonders in the world with a size of 1,145 square kilometers and 450 meters in depth. The lake constructs a captivating hole right around the middle of North Sumatra.

Lake Toba Festival is the biggest festival in North Sumatra. Previously called The Lake Toba Party, this one-day celebration has attracted interests of both local and international tourists since it was first held in the 1980s. With some of the fascinating cultures of Batak Native and entertainments such as Tortor Dance, ulos weaving, and traditional sports competitions, you will be exposed to authentic cultures of Batak.

Lake Toba Festival
Lake Toba Festival


Samosir Art, Culture & Tourism Office
Jl. Sisingamangaraja (Open Stage),
Pangururan, North Sumatra
+62626 206 8


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