Lake Toba is a former volcano that once erupted very violently at least 74,000 years ago. This eruption is very large and affects all life on earth. Traces of the eruption formed Lake Toba is now formed from the former caldera containing water to form a lake. In the middle of the lake there is a large island known as Samosir Island. Lake area is a place to live for the Batak tribe who live around the lake.

Lake Toba area is a leading tourist destination in Indonesia that appeals to tourists both from within and from abroad to enjoy the charm of the largest and most beautiful lake in Southeast Asia. All the attractions around Lake Toba will bring you experience a journey that will not be forgotten. A variety of interesting tourist activities you can do and enjoy in Lake Toba and surrounding areas ranging from nature tourism, cultural tourism, culinary tours, historical tours, religious tours, special interest tours and shopping