List of Ports in North Sumatra

The port is a facility at the end of the ocean, river, or lake to receive ships and move cargo and passenger goods into it.

Ports usually have tools specifically designed to load and unload ships docked. In addition the port also functions for the passenger lane in and out of a city and region.

Thus the port is also a gateway to enter a particular area and as a connecting infrastructure between regions, between islands, and even between countries.

North Sumatra region where the location of Lake Toba is located has several ports which are the gateway to enter the North Sumatra region and also to reach Lake Toba.

Tourists who want to visit Lake Toba for a vacation can choose the port in North Sumatra to reach its destination according to the direction of arrival.

Here are some of the ports in the list of ports in North Sumatra:

1. Belawan Port
The port of Belawan is the most crowded port in North Sumatra for both freight and passenger transportation. The port in the city of Medan is the gateway to the city of Medan via the sea route. the capacity of this port can accommodate large size vessels. From this port there is a cruise ship that has a route to Tanjung Priuk to East Indonesia. In addition, this port is also visited by cruise ships carrying foreign tourists.


2. Kuala Tanjung Port
Kuala Tanjung Port is an international port that is currently being developed by the Indonesian government and will become an international shipping hub in western Indonesia. This port will also serve the arrival of cruise ships that sail to bring foreign tourists who want to travel to the Lake Toba Region. Some cruise ships that have docked at this port are SuperStar Libra and Star Cruise.


3. Tanjung Balai Port
This port in the eastern coast of North Sumatra is one of the tourists’ gateways that will visit the North Sumatra region who want to come via sea travel by ship. Generally, tourists passing through this route are tourists who come from Malaysia and Singapore. If the Lintas Sumatra toll road to be built is already connected, it will make it easier for tourists to reach the Lake Toba area that landed at Tanjung Balai harbor.


4. Sibolga Port.
Sibolga Port is a port in the western part of North Sumatra. This port is very strategic because it is the gateway to get to Nias Island which is a world-class tourist destination with a huge sea wave making surfing activities here are well known to foreign countries. In addition to Nias Island, Sibolga is also a gateway for tourists who take a boat from Padang Harbor in West Sumatra. From Sibolga, you can also cruise to the northern tip of Sumatra Island to reach Banda Aceh or We Island.


5. Gunung Sitoli Harbor
Gunung Sitoli Port is the gateway to Nias Island. Nias Island is one of the islands in the western part of North Sumatra, Nias Island has many famous tourism objects to foreign countries, especially marine tourism. In addition to flights, the access point to Nias Island is by sea via the port of Sibolga.


Those are some ports from the list of ports in North Sumatra.

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