December 26 – 30
Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi


The Government of Toraja Regency once again celebrates
a truly lovely festival called Lovely December, presenting
many of the wonderful Toraja cultures. This festival brings
you various entertainments that are both eye-opening
and enchanting.

A night run around the beautiful Toraja, dance
performances, selfie contests, DJ and band performances,
a motocross tournament, biking journey, and a colossal
coffee drinking consisting more than 7,000 people in one
table are only some of the activities at Lovely December.
For those of you who are looking for an array of
entertainments while being introduced to one fascinating
culture, this event is unmistakably for you.

Lovely December

Lovely December


Toraja Destination Management Organisation
Jl. Veteran No. 1 Makale, Tana Toraja
South Sulawesi
+62423 264 62