Manuk Napinadar

Napinadar Chicken is a typical Batak food usually served in certain parties. This dish is the preferred food for the hobo community because it has a delicious and special taste. The specialty of this cuisine arises from the way of making it quite different from how to cook chicken meat into a common dish.

Usually to prepare the cooked chicken cuisine this cook should slaughter the surviving chickens to get their blood. Shortly after being slaughtered the chicken was directly tethered with acidic water to avoid agglutination. What is the blood of his chicken? Yes, this dish is mixed with the chicken blood to make the powder.

Chickens that have been cleaned and cut into pieces are baked with charcoal to obtain a good grill. The ingredients for herbs consisted of lemongrass, ginger, ginger, turmeric, garlic, onion, candlenut all roasted, plus spices that are not roasted are cayenne and salt and salt. Whole spices are ready to be grounded and grounded, then fried with oil after the prepared chicken blood is mixed into the seasoning. Then added enough salt.

Once cooked, a special sausage is then poured on roasted chicken. And cooked chicken dishes are ready to be served and you enjoy, for those who like to taste spicy live add more cayenne. What makes it so special is the herbal flavor and flavor that is the basis for making this sausage flavored, a typical flavor that is used almost in every Batak special dish, such as the carp fish, dekke naniura, koombur, and others.

Napinadar Chicken is preferred by most people because it tastes delicious, but some also do not want to eat it because the mixture mixed with chicken blood in Batak language is called namargota, because not all Batak people eat blood, although the blood is cooked. Because anyone who considers eating blood is not lawful.

But for those who have no barriers to eating this blood will surely be invaded because of its delicious and good taste ….., good luck. Horas.

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