Tourist attractions in Tigaras is a pretty interesting tourist destination in Lake Toba, although this place has not been known by foreign tourists, but local tourists have been hearing and come to this place to travel. Tigaras is a town that enters the Dolokpardamean sub-district, Simalungun District, North Sumatra. In Tigaras there is a port that is the first port in Sumatra.

In the holiday season this Tigaras area will be crowded visited by visitors who want to vacation, because here there are some attractions such as Batu Hoda Beach, Garoga beach, Cape of Cape, Beaches of Paris and Tigaras People Struggle monument. In addition tigaras also become an alternative path to the island of Samosir, and the distance closer than the Medan – Siantar – Parapat – Samosir. From Ferry Tigaras pier can cross to Simanindo Wharf adjacent to Parbaba tourist sites on Samosir Island. To arrive at Tigaras from Pematang Siantar is only within two hours by motor vehicle.



Tugu Perjuangan Rakyat


Tugu Perjuangan Rakyat


Tugu Perjuangan Rakyat or Tigaras People Struggle Monument was built to commemorate the struggle of the people struggling for independence in Batak land. The location of this monument is located at the height of the cliffs of Lake Toba in Tigaras area, from this monument visitors can enjoy the view of Lake Toba is so vast. The view of Lake Toba from this place is so beautiful and besides viewing the lake, you also can see Samosir Island which is in the middle of Lake Toba from this monument location. Almost all parts of Lake Toba are visible from this location. The position of this monument makes this monument to be one of the best spots to see the beauty of Lake Toba, because the position is quite high and the slope including steep. To secure visitors from the slopes are installed barbed wire so that visitors do not enter the dangerous area.

This place becomes a spot or a tourist attraction in the beautiful Tigaras utuk perpetuate the scenery of Lake Toba, for photography enthusiasts can get fantastic photos here. A good time to capture a portrait is in the morning or evening. However, visitors should not be here at night because the lighting is still lacking.


See the location of Tigaras People’s Struggle Monument here!


Beach Garoga Tigaras

The beach here has a fairly shallow water and the current is not so strong, so on this beach many visitors swim or just soak in the lake water because it is quite safe. The sand is brownish white gives a nice feel to be enjoyed by the eyes. was not so heavy, so it is quite safe for you who want to swim or just soak in the water. This beach is dominated by brownish white sand that adds to the beach exotica. In some parts of the beach there are rocks that cause the sound of deburan when hit by the waves of the lake. The shady trees that grow on the shores of the lake provide shade for the shade, making cool for visitors to enjoy the cool air by the water. Garoga beach, this one natural tourist attraction is the most popular tourist attraction in Tigaras, is a beach on the shores of the Lake. This beach is crowded visited during the holiday season by the people of Simalungun area.

Tigaras Tourism

Beach Garoga


The scenery on this beach is very exotic with a wide lake Toba lake background surrounded by high green hills.

Garigar Tigaras beach is a tourist attraction that is relied on Simalungun Regency as a more developed tourist destination in addition to tourism Parapat and Haranggaol, because the natural scenery here is not less interesting with other places.


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Paris Beach

Tigaras Tourism Paris Beach

Paris Beach

In addition to the beach that is a tourist attraction Garoga in Tigaras, other water attractions is Paris Beach is another tourist attraction in Tigaras, here is available a variety of travel facilities to pamper tourists who come, in addition to natural scenery is also a good thing already. Some of the existing tourist facilities in this location is a hut to take shelter enjoying the lake, babana boat, speed boat, canoe boat, tires and water bikes for tourists who are happy with water games. In addition lodging facilities available in this place for the tourists who will stay. In addition, many food and beverage traders are available for visitors. On the beach of Paris is also available Aula which can be rented for emnagadakan event, such as meeting or event farewell. The hall is located on the beach and equipped with a keyboard.


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For those who want to sail on a boat, this beach pengelolah provide boats to get around to see the lake view to places of interest such as Batuhoda, Cape Camel, hanging stone, elephant stone, Liang (cave) and other places