The Palu Nomoni Festival

Palu, Central Sulawesi


This September, people will turn their spotlight to Palu, the capital city of Central Sulawesi. Initially called the Palu Bay Festival, the Palu Nomoni Festival is illustrating the magnificence of Palu through festivities and vibrant attractions, including a marathon with a tracking of magnificent spots in Palu.

The three-day festival features diverse creative arts and cultural attractions, including a colossal music performance of more than 500 Lalove , a traditional flute, and more than 1,000 Gimba , a traditional percussion, set on a spectacular stage made of bamboos and enhanced by lights of Sulo , a traditional torch.

The Palu Nomoni Festival
The Palu Nomoni Festival


Palu Mayor Office
Jl. Balaikota No. 1, Palu,
Central Sulawesi
+62811 848 289

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