Pasuruan Bromo Marathon

Pasuruan, East Java


The Pasuruan Bromo Marathon is the most awaited festival for uphill race contenders around the archipelago and the world, providing participants with both gorgeous and challenging course. Crossing the cultural scenery of villages, tranquil temples, and the unique community of Tengger along the way, the marathon promises a
breathtaking view combined with an adrenaline pumping challenge.

Divided into two types of tracks of paved road amongst local villages and a mountain trail, you will be fulfilled by this route. Prep your equipment and get ready to take on the colossal Mountain Bromo. Feast your eyes in astonishment and witness one of the most beautiful mountains in Java.

Pasuruan Bromo Marathon
Pasuruan Bromo Marathon


Pasuruan Sports, Youth, Culture &
Tourism Office
Jl. Sultan Agung No.36, Pasuruan, East Java
+62343 422 135

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