Reog National Festival

Ponorogo, East Java


Reog Ponorogo is a kind of dance that requires physical strength and is often associated with supernatural powers. Reog Ponorogo is performed with an intricate lion-like mask derived from a magical creature called Singa Barong combined with an elaborate costume, unexpectedly carried only by teeth. The mask and costume are both
notoriously heavy, totaling of 30-40 kilograms.

The Reog Dance tells a story about the exertion of a prince who is about to propose to a beautiful princess. The climax of the story is a mythical battle between the King of Ponorogo and Singa Barong . Reog National Festival is bathed in mythical wonders; you are guaranteed to be astounded by this performance.

Reog National Festival
Reog National Festival


Ponorogo Sports, Youth, Culture &
Tourism Office
Jl. Pramuka 19A, Ponorogo, East Java
+62352 486 012

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