Tanggo-Tanggo is a typical cuisine prepared from young meat

Tanggo-Tanggo is a typical cuisine prepared from young meat. Batak typical cuisine with basic ingredients of meat is very diverse, some are made from chicken or pork. One of the most famous dishes is saksang, and similar to this saksang the name is Tango-tanggo. Both are tasty and tasty but the difference is the shape of the pieces and the mixture of marinade is also slightly different, but both use andaliman as a special spice.

The size of the meat cuts in the stakes is greater than the shape and size of meat in saksang cuisine. Typical delicacy of this dish is on the basic ingredients made of pork, and excess of the banners is the choice of basic ingredients that are usually from the meat of young animals. Cuisine produced with the basic ingredients of a young animal will feel soft and taste the meat is sweeter. Usually the animals slaughtered for the stakes are aged between four to six months to get a delicious and delicious cuisine.

With the basic ingredients in the form of young meat plus the selection of spices consisting of spices typical Batak into a secret delicacy tago-tanggo cuisine, such as andaliman which is well known as the original spice from Batak land that has a good nutritional content. The spices used to make the taste of the cuisine of the stalls has its own characteristics. In addition savory taste flavor in cooking is obtained from coconut milk juice of the original coconut.

The spices used for are red curly peppers, shallots, garlic, pepper, coriander, galangal, lemongrass, lime leaves, andaliman. And to get a distinctive flavor coupled with likio. How to cook it with sauté all the spices are smoothed to smell fragrant then meat is mixed until cooked and then put coconut milk, then stirred continuously until the aroma smells nice and savory.

This dish is served and eaten with a stew of green vegetables such as beans, eggplant, papaya flowers, cassava leaves and cucumber. Eat will feel voracious when eating the stakes with white rice or brown rice with green vegetables. It was definitely steady.

For those who want to enjoy this special Batak cuisine, you can look for it in typical batak restaurant or known as a lapo found in tourist attractions such as Balige, Parapat, Tuktuk, and others. You will feel the delicious processed young pork with a special spice Batak called by the name of this Tango-tanggo.

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