Wonderful Raja Ampat Festival

Raja Ampat, West Papua


At the tip of northwest Papua sits a set of islands that look as if it fell from heaven. Called the Raja Ampat Islands, translated as The Four Kings, the four beautiful islands is 80% surrounded by endless ocean with enchanting coral reefs and unique habitants of tropical underworld. These islands are certainly Indonesian rare jewels within the archipelago.

Taking place at the WTC (Waisai Torang Cinta) Beach, Wonderful Raja Ampat Festival attracts thousands of visitors as they witness the cultural humility of Raja Ampat native. Welcoming you with a colossal dance of 150 people, the festival depicts harmony between the people of the four islands of Raja Ampat.

Wonderful Raja Ampat Festival
Wonderful Raja Ampat Festival


Papua Culture & Tourism Office
Jl. Raya Abepura-Kota Raja , Abepura,
Jayapura, West Papua
+62967 583 001

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